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DevOps Indonesia Offline Meet Up with NGINX Part of F5, September 2023

Here we came to DevOps Indonesia offline meet up. This time we collaborate with NGINX! As you all know, NGINX, now a part of F5, Inc., is the company behind the popular open source project, NGINX. F5 NGINX delivers cloud-native, Kubernetes-friendly open source and enterprise solutions that drive mission-critical apps and APIs with scalability, visibility, security, and governance. With NGINX as our sponsors, we proudly share to you guys that our offline meet up was held perfectly at Teras Langit Lounge and Resto by Arthama Hotel on September 26th 2023!

The talk session started at 7PM and was opened with moderator.

First, we have Mr. Zikrillah from Central Data Technology. He brought us talk, titled “Containerization and NGINX: A DevOps Approach". As the opening speaker, he succeeded to raise the mood of attendees to absorb all the material and fresh insights given by him.

Done amazingly with Mr. Zikrillah, we move to our speaker, Mr. I Putu Retya Mahendra from DevOps Indonesia. He brought us an interesting topic titled “Configuring SLI Metrics for NGINX ingress in Kubernetes”. This topic was very great and he also explained it in a way that participants did not easily get bored by listening to him and that many participants competed to ask him interesting questions.

It's great to host them as our speakers on our offline meetup, also thanks to NGINX for helping us and sharing with us!


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