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DevOpsDays Jakarta 2019

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

DEVOPSDAYS JAKARTA 2019 is the second DEVOPSDAYS series of conference held in Jakarta at BRI Corporate University - Ragunan, on April 10-11 2019. By inviting outstanding keynote speakers such as Steve Shirkey ; Cecep Mahbub ; Davy Trinugraha ; Mirco Hering, and many more from around the world, we believe this really help for DEVOPSDAYS attendances to get fresh updated knowledge and event's improvement for upcoming DEVOPSDAYS 2020.

We really thankful by having these following great sponsors, such as

as official VENUE and TRACK SPONSORS



Also not mention,

thanks to our community partner, JVM Indonesia ; ISQA ; Saccom ; Devops Indonesia ; Devops Institute ; Geek Hunter ; and BNCC by spread the words of DEVOPSDAYS JAKARTA 2019.

Not to mention, and Tekno Event as our Media Partner.

This event will not be a blast by having 523 participants from various background without their supports. And we believe to make our sequence improvement by bringing this event for you every year.

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Fitri Indriani
Fitri Indriani
Oct 18, 2020

great and thanks for share information, it's so nice for an articel.

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