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Secure Code Warrior platform allows organizations to run competitive and engaging events that get the whole Developer community involved.

Players will be presented with a series of code challenges that will ask them to identify the problem, locate the insecure code, and fix the vulnerability.

All challenges are based on real code examples, and are ranked from easy through to fiendishly hard! Each player can choose from a range of software languages to compete fairly in the Tournament.

Secure coding is a set of practices that applies security considerations to how the software will be coded and encrypted to best defend against cyber-attack or vulnerabilities.

It is more than just writing, compiling, and releasing code into applications.

To fully embrace secure programming, you also need to create a secure development environment built on a reliable and secure IT infrastructure using secure hardware, software, services, and providers.

Secure coding makes it easier for developers and programmers to weed out common vulnerabilities in their software by following certain best practices and guidelines, known as secure coding standards.

The adoption of secure coding practices is important because it removes commonly exploited software vulnerabilities and prevents cyberattacks from happening. Moreover, optimizing for security from the start helps reduce long-term costs which may arise if an exploit results in the leak of sensitive information to users.

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