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Roadshow to DevOpsDays Jakarta #01 with OpenText and NGINX Part of F5, June 2024

We have arrived at the 1st Roadshow to DevOpsDays Jakarta 2024 event. This time, we are collaborating with OpenText and NGINX - Part of F5, as our Platinum Sponsors. Additionally, Bank BRI is our Official Sponsor, and the event is supported by FORDIGI BUMN!

As you all know, OpenText is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management software. Meanwhile, NGINX, now a part of F5, Inc., is the company behind the popular open source project, NGINX. With both parties as our sponsors, we are proud to share that our 1st Roadshow to DevOpsDays Jakarta 2024 was held perfectly at CGV FX Sudirman on June 27th, 2024!

The talk session started at 7PM and was opened with moderator.

The Welcome Remarks for the 1st Roadshow Event were delivered by Hananto Wibowo - Head of DevOps Indonesia Community, and were fully supported by Mrs. Beatrix Santi Anugrah - Ketua Bidang IV FORDIGI BUMN.

First, we have Mr. Malik Abdul Jabbar from OpenText. He brought us talk, titled Proactive AppSec in DevOps, Integrating Secure Coding Early in the DevOps Lifecycle". As the opening speaker, he succeeded to raise the mood of attendees to absorb all the material and fresh insights given by him.

Done amazingly with Mr. Malik Abdul Jabbar, we move to our next speaker, Mr. Danang Wijanarko from NGINX - part of F5. He brought us an interesting topic titled “NGINX Deciphered: The Anatomy of Stats”. This topic was very great and he also explained it in a way that participants did not easily get bored by listening to them and that many participants competed to ask him interesting questions.

It's great to have them as our speakers at our 1st Roadshow to DevOpsDays Jakarta 2024, also thanks to all sponsors for helping us and sharing with us!

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